the Adventure Package 

If you’ve never been the adventurous type, this is also known as the PR package, but I do hope you’re open to a little adventure and the places we can go together!  

You’re ready for the Adventure package if any of the following apply to you:

  • You’ve got a product or service your customers LOVE. Even if that’s just your extended family, friends, extreme frisbee teammates and a handful of strangers. The point is - you have cool people who LOVE what you’re selling.

  • You have a tribe of dedicated fans and followers. You know you're nothing without your tribe and you've got the community to show for it. 

  • You’re ready to have FUN marketing your company and sharing your story. 


What's Included: 

  • Meet & Greet:  I’m a hugger, so naturally, I’d love to see your face and get to know each other over Skype or Google Hangouts. This gives me the opportunity to meet you, your team, and your office dog or fish. We discuss your company, your product, and the adventure we're about to take together.

  • The Roadmap: Following our meet & greet, I dive deep into the fun stuff and create a beautiful roadmap to success. We want to make sure you’re ready to enjoy the ride and feeling good about what’s to come. This roadmap will give you a clear picture of how we’ll achieve our goals together and what to expect on the journey.  

  • The Journey: This is where all the magic happens. Once we agree on the desired Roadmap, I reach out to our media list and begin to line up coverage. During this time, you do what YOU do best: keep being the awesome founder you are. Nothing needs to change. Except that now, other people will be talking about just how awesome you are. Please be aware - there is typically a 3-4 week ramp up time before you will start to see media coverage. Think of it as the best destinations often require a little travel time.

  • The Destination: Like what you see? No need to stop. We move forward until our roadmap changes. Your success and happiness is my number one goal. Need to change course or adjust our sails? We can do that too. At the end of each month, we reflect on what's working and what's not, and set our new course.  

No two dreams are the same, which is why each Adventure Package is completely customizable based on your needs and wish list. Adventure packages start at $3500 a month.